Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Marwaheen Massacre (15 July)

These innocent Lebanese civilians fled the israeli offensive to a United Nations (UNIFIL) french base in Marwaheen. The UN french soldiers refused to shelter them. They were turned away and later were targeted by a US-made F16 warplane killing 20, including 9 children and severely injuring 4.

Pictures will speak for themselves...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck ISRAEL and BUSH administration. These things you do makes you deserve all the terrorism of the world cause YOU ARE THE BIGGEST TERRORISTS. SHAME ON YOU

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not religious or have any particular view about middle eastern politics. how ever i do believe in god and that we are spiritual beings. The only true expression of what is right and wrong is the respect for human life. Any one who engages in an act that they know will result in the loss of an inocent life will ultimatly be judged and held accountable for their actions. Man has been give free will in this life to show the true nature of his soul. Every one one has a right to defend themselves, but only to an extent where their actions are reasonable and necessary. A Cynicle person might say that Israel is destroying the civillian infrustructure of their only potential economic rival in the region.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello.. I used to think that israeli people was inocent on this "saint war"... but right now i think they are just fighting for territory.. bought of them are using the inocent people for nothing.. that isn`t a saint war...! Israel is destroying inocent people and lebanon does too... they are defending themselves from what? or why? this isn´t what human people needs right now.. stop this stupid war..!

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are too demagogic... in any war, underneath any bomb, there are innocents dying, dead children... something horrendous, I know... but this is not that simple. Israel is not "the bad guy", Lebanon is not the "innocent, good one"... politicians are the ones to blame, no doubt... but Israel is surrounded by enemies since its creation (remember that Israel was created after the II World War with votes of Arabs too...). Israel people suffer from suicidal bombers... and progresists around the world seem no to care about that... why?
This is a complicated situation... but it's not black and white... and extremism is not the answer... but democracy... which Israel neighbour is a democratic country? which one is not related to a terrorist group? Palestinians are showing the world that they are not able to rule themselves... we were facing a new time, peace seemed closer than ever... but Hamas and others have destroyed any hope... Israel is, once more, defending itself... perhaps using too much force... perhaps showing no mercy and kinda out of control... but patience is not eternal... Sorry...

11:46 PM  
Blogger Loubnani said...

If Israel really wants peace, why is she still occupying the west bank ? what about the colonies ? and the arab prisoners in the israeli prisons ?

Shall I remind you that Hamas was the result of the israeli occupation of the palestinian territories ? Shall I remind you that Hezbollah was created after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 ? This invasion caused the death of 80000 deaths !! You are talking about peace while Israel still occupies the west bank, while land are still being looted by the Israeli settlers, while trees are uprooted, houses demolished and palestinians humiliated on the israeli checkpoints.

Israel is a democtratic state, that occupies a foreign territory and holds children and youngsters in its prisons !! The israeli democracy can't excuse all the crimes committed by Israel !

My friend, I shall call you my friend, Peace is not a simple world that we utter in our prayers. Peace is what we all strive for. Each in his own way. As an occupied population, the palestinians understood that Israel doesn't want peace, it doesn't want a palestinian state. Please refer to the book "The Jewish State" written by the founder of Zionism (Herzel) and you will understand why Israel wants no peace.

Finally, Israel is an illegitimate state, created by the allies after the WWII as a compensation for the jews after the crimes committed by Hitler. BUT, the holocaust is a crime committed by europeans, against europeans, on the european soil ! The arabs has nothing to do with it. The historical Palestine is for the palestinians !

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loubnani... thanks, first for posting my comment, and then for your answer... I am sorry if I have disturbed you... but, the truth is, and you have confirmed it, that there is NO interest at all from Arabs and Palestinians to accept Israel as a legitimate State... but after the IIWW there was an international accord, not only from Europeans... shall I remind you that this state was formally established in the British Mandate of Palestine? I mean, there was no Palestine and that time... Europeans still had a lot of colonies around the world... not saying I agree with that, or that it is fair, but I think that hate against Jewish is nearly pathological... excessive... why? why can't you be neighbours? You ACTUALLY think that it's all israelis' fault, israelis' violence... is that logical?
Why can't Palestinians live side by side with Israel? do you believe that Israel wish a continuous war? really? Why not accepting Israel? After all, Palestine was not a country before... as many others before... do you know who created the concept of "nations"? don't you realize that this is a Western concept, since Greece and Rome times... don't you realize Europeans created absurd frontiers in many places, such as Africa? Europeans have invaded the whole world and tried to export their way of living, policy, economy... It is unfair... sure... but why continuing fighting, why not listening to each other? why not trying to share lives?????? WHYYYY???

12:48 AM  
Blogger Loubnani said...

Dear friend,

You need to get your facts right. Palestine was a part of the Ottoman empire. After WWI, British was mandated over Palestine. 99% of the jewish population at the moment of the creation of Israel were immigrants and not locals ! How can you explain that the jews who had 8% of the land of mandated palestine were given 51% of the land !

You are talking about peace. Your country occupies the palestinian territory. How do you expect the palestinians to react ? Aren't you aware of the collective punishment Israel is imposing on the palestinian population and recently on the lebanse population ?

Yes Israel is an illegitimate state. Palestine as an independant state never existed indeed. But Palestine was populated with arabs (muslim and christians) and a jewish minority. It was a part of the ottoman empire. It wasn't a "land without people for a people without land" !!

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend, I will finish simply saying that you still don't answer my question... why hate? why war? why not live together? suppose in 1948 there was a BIG BIG mistake created by the UN Partition Plan... let's accept that... will man never stop making war? will man still be fighting to each other for ages without realizing we are all human beings? we all will mate to each other in the end... there will be less and less races, and a multi-racial world? with different religions, ok, but RESPECTING to each other... I HOPE nations will tend to become obsolete concepts, and frontiers will dissapear... otherwise, humans will NEVER evolve... and we will kill each other in the end... I do expect you will end up realizing that no one deserves to be repudiated... and after 1948's "mistake" (well, I think it was indeed an error, but caused after the fascist horror...), we all OUGHT TO sit down for once, and talk, and drink tea, and LIVE... sorry most of muslims do not agree with that... so sorry.
Love to you from Spain

1:10 AM  
Blogger Loubnani said...


Why war ? Why hate ? You say that most muslims don't agree with that (sit down and talk, etc.), whereas what we see in the world is :
- The american occupation of a muslim country (Iraq)
- The Israeli occupation of a muslim country (Palestine)
- The israeli attacks on an arabic country (both muslims and christians)
- etc.

And you ask me why muslims don't agree with that ?

How were things in Palestine before jews came to palestine with their state-creation project ? There were muslims, christians and jews living on the same land wih peace ! Jews coming from europe and russia wanted to create their own country in a land that doesn't belong to them !

Now what can we do ? The only solution is one jewish state and one palestinian state. The way I see it, Israel doesn't want this solution. Otherwise, why is Israel expanding its colonies in the west bank ? did you know that the colonies are illegal under the international laws ? Why is israel keeping its army in Gaza and the west bank ? why is israel demolishing house and killing innocent people ? I would appreciate if you answer my questions.

Amigo, thanks for passing by and leaving your comments. Hope that we will find peace one day. Peace for all humanity.

Peace be upon you

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well... I have not all the answers... but Israel keeps its army in some places to defend from terrorism and attacks from outsiders... Israel, from my view, does not want at all a permanent war... (except for extremists...).
Peace, but acting, listening to, chatting, discussing... not fighting... From my views, Israel reacts again force, using force... otherwise, it would dissapear.. and you know that very well :)
Take care... and try to make a Jewish friend... (if I were talking with a Jewish I would say the same to him/her...).
Love and good night!

1:33 AM  
Blogger Loubnani said...

oh no my friend ! you need to get your facts right. Israel has been occupying the palestinian territory since 1967 ! Hamas was created in 1988 ! so how can be the occupation the mean to protect Israel from Hamas if Hamas is a result of the occupation ?

Jewish friend ? I had some one day. I have many today.


1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am exteremly regret to see such a catastrophy which has been created by other humans. this is a natural consequence for war. I do belive the Bush administration is responssible for this trouble.on the other side, let me to please anyone how is a human being, irrespective of relegious or nationality, please, please, please do not forget palestinian and lebnanian people. In fact they are fighting for all over the world. they are frontruner in war againest the oqupier illegal and wild pepole who want to rule over the world by force. they are zionist
looking forward to see a day when the world come to understand that the illeagl regieme of Israil is the root of terror of cource with USA support.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voila!!! ca c'est ce que les israéliens et les américains aiment faire! Tuer des innocents! Tout ce qu'ils font c'est pas du tout humain! Qu'ont ils fait de mal ces civils? Ils partaient combattre les israéliens? Ou lancer des missiles en israël? Sûrement non! Donc les israéliens ne sont que des lâches et des inconscients! Quand à la politique de Bush elle ne sortira pas vainqueur cette fois et la victoire sera aux Hezbollah finalement!!! Vive le Liban! Vive la victoire! Et vive Hezbollah!!!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well as long as we ARABS and especially LEBANESE don't get peace no one will ever get it! Everyone should rest assured that this war and happened to Lebanon will not be forgotten and will be avenged! The worst is yet to come! GOD is big!

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel is not the cause or the root of terror, however I do believe that history will prove that America has inadvertantly been corrupted by the Bush neocons into tilting the balance of extremism to the point of no return. Let us not forget that it was Arab intolerance and aggression that first led the American public to financially and militarily support Israel (the 6 day war, Yon Kipper). It was these actions that gave Zionist the oppertunity to express their views to mainstream Israeli society that has finally led us to the situation we have today. Where a race of people who have suffered unimaginable human rights abuse, can themselves have so little respect for (inocent) human suffering. Because how can anyone justify destroying entire builings and cities just to perhaps, maybe if their lucky kill one or two people who might of (usually only attempted) killed an Israeli. The Palisinian people have contributed to their own misery by not acepting the reality of the situation. Israel is a powerful nation that controls the wealth and resources of the region. One could say they should acept their lot and make the most of it. But this is not entirley true, because Israeli society (not the many good individuals going about their buissiness) used their power to deny an entire race of people access to the wealth and resources of their own land. People who have hope and oppertunity to live a comfortable life will not resort to violence. Let us not forget how the first Intafada began. Children throwing rocks at tanks, they where actually acheiving some recognition in the International community for the plight of the Palistinian people. It was then the extremists who began the abhorant practice of suicide bombing inocent civillians, that gave the Zionist's cart blanc to treat the entire population like animals. The Israeli people have also lost because they have allowed their own extremist's to disregard the entire nations respect for human life. How can they call themselves gods people when you read the comments some of them are posting in reaction to this blog. I posted the 'I am not religious (2nd) blog' and have read with interst the following comments. I also remember how the latest round of tit for tat violence that led to the horror that is now happening began. May be if Israel had just accepted the responsibility for killing a family picnicing on a beach! apologised and punished the individuals responsible (because even the most hardend Zionist would not deliberatly kill children playing in the sand) we might not be looking at these pictures that can only be sending many people to hell for their actions.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moi je dis STOP AU TERRORISME, STOP AUX GUERRES !!! Arretez de maltraiter les gens !! memes des enfants innovents sont concernés ???? Ou va la vie !!!!!!d'après tout ca, apparemment, elle va direct à la MORGUE !

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peace is a simple word yet I know not a simple soluton at this time but the fighting must stop. Innocent people are dying daily and still the world sits back waiting for a solution. Humanity must come first and politics last.Please let the people live and stop killing the innocent.
From Australia

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear arabs, If we don't wake up today and do something about israel tomorrow will be too late.
They are like vampires, They can't suck the blood of eachother they need the palastinian or lebanese blood and the sad thing is the whole arab world watching on TV doing nothing while those people are being massacared. Where is the oil rich states to pressure the U.S, They are busy building playgrounds for their kids while lebanese kids are bleeding.
Maybe we should call on ussama.

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shame on u isreal what about the arab prisoners in isreal what about jewish airplanes that fly over lebanon everyweek what about shebaa farms isreal never entered lebanese teritory and took lebanese prisoners ?
Hezbolah is a terorist organization ? what about isreal hezbolah is invading isreal or isreal is invading lebanon ? if isreal wanted a solution they would have one but they planed this attack from long time ago hope somebody will stop this unfair attack on lebanon we cant say its a war couse there is no match between lebanese forces and isreal killing machine stop killing people stop violence lebanon will never fall down

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outrageous!! The history will record this war as another WW committed by the Israeli with the approval and cover of US!
The "REBORN XTION" is born nazi, I guess!!!

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:12 PM  
Anonymous Spanish communist said...

The only terroristes are the imperialistes.
There is only one solution: the Socialist Revolution to stop the capitalist self-destruction.
Let´s go! Socialisme or death!

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These poor people were told by the Israelis to leave their village, so they went to the UN forces asking for protection but were sent away. They tried to reach Tyre by road and the Israelis basted them to pieces. Just look at the roof of that ambulance, it's obvious that the Israeli pilot used the red cross as a target for fun. This is an appalling crime.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous intik said...

Israel, Britain and the US and all who supported them, will pay.
one way or another.....

12:43 AM  
Anonymous Saleh Ghalayini, Lebanese, proud of it said...

My Spanish Friend ,, co-existence,, thats the word u and loubnani are looking for.. drinking tea, chatting, arabs and muslims having jewish friends and vise versa,, however.. that's against the jewish mentality .. and i guess the whole world is aware of that... 2 soldiers kidnapped ON LEBANESE TERRITORY is not force that needs to be dealt with the way Olmert and his fellow americans did.(following ur argument that isreal reacts with force against force)
whether they are able to kidnapp hizbullah soldiers (In return for Hizbullah's ACt of Terror or "FORCE") or not, they never considered that option.. and the negotiation thats going to take place in the coming week for the swap is only done coz isreal's war on Hizbullah through the lebanese civilians has been a disgrace for them...again force is not the answer..
anyways .. the 2 lebanese civilans kidnapped where claimed by Isreal to be Hizbullah Fighters.. as shown on TV one of them had a tatoo on his left arm.. DEAR ISREAL INTELLIGENCE.. HIZBULLAH Fighters are so religious they are ready to die to go to heaven,, Whether Shi`ites or Sunnas,, Tatoos are considered one of the WRONG DOINGs in Islam..alot of muslims do it and its normal but Not HIZBULLAH FIGHTERS who fight and risk their lives to go to heaven,(they're Muslim Saints techinically) people who have read the quran and prayed right before leaving to fight for the Most SACRED reason arent really into Tattoos and stuff ... i think a Tatoos are not really appreciated by these men if u know what i mean.. so i guess the psychological war initiated by the American and Isreali Governments embodied in their Tv Channels and their lies and their attacks on the lebanese channels is yet another failure in this epedimic war..
My spanish friend.. u speak of information and footage uve been allowed to see,, u chat with a heart fed with wat the international community is supposed to strive on.. i just hope u can spend a month in Lebanon and come up with the same comments uve been posting.. maybe we'll hang out as well,, we'll co-exist...

Shoutout for the founders of the Websites.

8:23 PM  

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