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Kidnapped in Israel or Captured in Lebanon?

Official justification for Israel's invasion on thin ice

The original story, as most media tell it, goes something like this: Hezbollah attacked an Israeli border patrol station, killing six and taking two soldiers hostage. The incident happened on the Lebanese/Israel border in Israeli territory. The alternate version, as explained by several news outlets, tells a bit of a different tale: These sources contend that Israel sent a commando force into southern Lebanon and was subsequently attacked by Hezbollah near the village of Aitaa al-Chaab, well inside Lebanon's southern territory. It was at this point that an Israel tank was struck by Hezbollah fighters, which resulted in the capture of two Israeli soldiers and the death of six. continue...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All as bad as each other. UK

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Anonymous Ettore Lomaglio Silvestri said...

Committee for Peace Abbas al-Shalhoub
Subscribe the petition at

I have decided to change name to the committee that follows the peace
appeals that I am launch. I have given the name of one of the children
killed from the Israelis to CAna in Lebanese. This to perennial memory of
the pain that door the war, is just, unjust, humanitarian, unilateral,
declared or not declared it, against the terrorism or whichever thing that
we are not. Abbas al-Shalhoub was a child of a year. I have two
sons, one of three years and means and one of seven months, knowledge that
only a small cold them can hit makes badly me star, this renders me the
pain immense that can have tried the parents of that child who did not
have no guilt. It could not not ask itself because for that war. The
smile had to be the only expression that had to pass on its ace, the joy
of the games, the affected look of a father whom it sees if same, the hope
of a mother had to be the images in front of its eyes. But someone has
decided launch a missile, strafregandosene that some civilian could die,
would have been “damages collaterals”… But we think that child, with to
the other trentasei that are died with to he… Because a number does not
remain, because its name remains imperituro in our memory, as it it is
that one of our sons here, because it is a our son always, because I have
given its name to my engagement, to my committee… You pardon to me but
the tears come down me… Ettore Lomaglio Silvestri

What has succeeded to Cana past Sunday and what are still succeeding to the borders between Israel and Libano, are actions of pure terrorism.
The United Nations do not have the ability (obviously for guilt of the veto of Bush) to condemn them explicitly, and let Israel to only kill because two soldiers have seized it.
Personally, as you will know, they are against whichever war and, in the instruction of Gandhi resumed also from Terzani, I do not try vendetta but I only try to stop the spiral of the war, one hateful spiral. We know all that in the wars only the civilians forgiveness.
Watched the photos that I have to you attached, and you say if your heart to me not tear blood to thinking next to those poor children.
They could be our sons like Abbas al-Shalhoub that had only a year.
We cannot that we put the human rights to the center of our battle, tacere of forehead to this slaughter.
Above all we must hold account that in order to stop the war we cannot say: “I make It after the vacations”.
How many persons will have to die while we of are ourselves happily spread in sunlight (I have a skin cancer therefore I cannot allow but to the example stocking me) to, with justice, playing with our sons?
I would not have the conscience to place, of the rest to rest there am always time, therefore I invite to make something to you, in name of Abbas, name of the others 200 and passes children who the Israelis have massacred for their stupid reasons.
Children do not have nationality, they are the flowers of this world, for this I write children and not libanesi children. You have to know, if I watched my son or my daughter in the eyes and knew that I have not made null because an other child lived, I would not have the courage to watch it in the eyes.
We organize therefore an other garrison, we organize other manifestations, we write to governing ours so that cry strongly to stop this stupid war.
Yesterday of it I have written and I make to read you. Thanks, I hope that it is succeeded to make something!!! Ettore Lomaglio Silvestri

Dear Ministers,
I would want to ask you for giving a glance to the photos that I enclose to you.
They are drawn from www.moqawama.net.
They are some of the photos of the murdered or hurt children in the massacre of Cana.
I will ask you only one what, after that you will have watched to them with attention.
Would have you still the courage to be mute and untalking?
Would have you still the courage to speak about reasons of Israel?
Would have you still the courage not to take part?
They are father, like many of you, I have two small sons, like many of you they have or they have had.
I, in front of these photos, have only the force to cry and cry my need of Peace.
Not vindict, because it would create other evil.
Not hatred, because hatred would give other innocent dead men to us.
Only Peace.
Stop Israel, stop the war everywhere it is.
I do not have the courage to hold detention the impassible look and the forehead heart much evil, to much violence.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has taught to me but not to ask the blood for my enemy.
Only Peace.
Stop Israel once again.
Thanks, Ettore Lomaglio Silvestri

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the israeli reaction to the kidnapping of the israeli soldiers by Hezbollah was too extreme...it could have been handled in a diplomatic peaceful way or by a trade which was wat Hezbollah wanted! We will never know what really happened at the border,but we do know that israel over reacted. they were planing a war in lebanon all along. they were just waiting for a reason to attack because if they attacked for no reason, no one would be on their side. Hezbollah gave them that reason(as we have heard). But Israel has been planing this for a long time. you think they drew up all those maps and streets of lebanon in a couple of minutes? I dont think so!

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